“The world is for us to explore

Hello and welcome from gojira.my team. gojira.my is a platform to promote local tourism and help their business at the same time. This idea came up when we saw how struggle they are during pandemic year due to Covid-19 from 2020 to late 2021. This portal was launch in December 2022. Our big mission is to make or convert this platform to be as one of the best travel apps in future. You may follow our official blog to see updates on the next web development phase for gojira.my.

We are actually a group of web designers, web developers (by iceink.com.my) & online marketing experts (by penandpaper.com.my) who are very busy on the weekdays with our jobs and handling clients (we produce blogs and videos on the weekends or whenever we are free). We are based in Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Currently, we can considered this platform as just our side hustle. Moving forward, we hope that this platform will help our local tourism industry, and at the same time will give benefit to others, to get more interactive info regarding certain places that they want to know and attract them to visit in future.


Mohd Faisal Salleh (known as icecoustica)

web artisan @ gojira.my